The Roche Institute Foundation hosted an update meeting on Precision Personalized Medicine (PPM) at the assembly hall of the La Paz University Hospital, Madrid.

The Roche Institute Foundation is an independent, nonprofit institution whose goal is the dissemination of information about Precision Personalized Medicine through training and scientific disclosure.

The aim of the session was to weigh the benefits of PPM in the results obtained by management and treatment of patients through individualized prevention and therapy.

The update session emphasized the importance of having a national PPM strategy in Spain, following the example of the  initiative “Genomic Medicine Plan 2025”, which is currently under way in France, a country that has identified PPM as a national priority.

The meeting was led by Peggy Baudouni-Cornu, the person in charge of the aforementioned French Genomic Medicine plan; Carmen Ayuso, scientific director of Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital Health Research Institute;  and Carlos López Otin, a well-known professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology who has received national and international awards and distinctions throughout his scientific career.