We cover all needs a project may have, by complementing, improving or acquiring all necessary talent to ensure its success.

Bifröst Health is a Venture Builder, we work on providing business capabilities to projects, ideas, startups and spin-offs in the Health Sciences sector. This sector is extremely agile, always in movement. With a high rate of creation of new initiatives, which often don’t reach success due to small mistakes, overlooked details, tiny deviations from the plan.

Innovation is being outsourced, the industry no longer develops in-house, they instead go to the source and buy directly from Universities and Entrepreneurs. But in order for an idea to reach that stage the team has to face, and overcome, an ever growing number of hurdles. And the time, and effort, dedicated to this struggle is time and effort missing from working on the idea itself.


Aitor Elfau


Aitor is co-responsible for Bifröst Health’s general management and strategy. He also fills the Chief Information Officer role and builds relantionships with with science teams and investors. He is responsible for the negotiation of term sheets and investment agreements.

Aitor has extensive consultancy experience in highly regulated domains covering government, regulatory agencies, finance, and life sciences (GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Merck). As part of his job responsibilities, he has defined business processes, managed projects, participated in program management, and set information strategies.

Aitor holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School with a focus in Health Sciences. He previously earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Colorado Technical University, Summa Cum Laude, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Colorado Technical University, Summa Cum Laude.

David Pérez


David is co-responsible for Bifröst Health’s general management and strategy. He is also in charge of the financial due diligence activities of the investments. He is responsible for the negotiation of term sheets and investment agreements.

David has 12 years of experience in research and development in innovative manufacturing companies such as Airbus and Talgo. As part of his job, he has led innovative projects in those companies, established relations with the rest of the industry, and collaborated in setting international standards and regulatory processes in his specialized fields.

In his dual role as business and technical expert, David holds an Executive MBA from IE Business School (Beta Gamma Sigma Honors), as well as a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Medical Devices). Earlier in his life he also successfully completed a MSc in Aeronautical Engineering (specializing in Spacecraft).

Christian E. Rodrí­guez-Tarozzi


Christian is in charge of Bifröst Health’s marketing and public relations operations, both for the company and all our projects. He also works on the initial contacts with the different initiatives, analyzing them from a business, sales, and marketing point of view. He is also in charge of our event strategy and the establishment of relationships derived therein.

Christian is a veteran marketer with a long professional life in a wide array of multinational companies across a range of different sectors, and a profound understanding of the uses and ethics of marketing in all its forms.

Christian holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management from UA Madrid, and Masters in Financial Analysis and Social Economy (Poverty Alleviation).

Marí­a Emilia Fernández-Prieto


Maria Emilia is responsible for growing the Bifröst Health network of startups and spinoffs in the health innovation industry. She contributes to the identification and analysis of ideas from the scientific perspective, as well as providing business capabilities to projects to help them succeed. She focuses on composing and overseeing the market and marketing studies, IP, and business planning.

María Emilia is a seasoned community pharmacist with global health experience. She has a very strong and extensive background in both the public and the private sectors, with expert understanding of drugs, medical devices, and medicinal products.

María Emilia has a BSc in Pharmaceutical Management. She also holds a MSc in Biotechnology and Biotech Company Management from the Center for Superior Studies of the Pharmaceutical Industry (CESIF), in Madrid.

Antonio Guillén


Antonio provides support to Bifröst Health general operations, particularly in identifying and evaluating pharma, biotechnology, and medical devices’ projects, supplying them with capabilities such as finding private finance, developing business plans, and general business development. He is also responsible for regulatory affairs relative to Bifröst Health’s project portfolio.

Throughout his career, Antonio has been involved in strategic consultancy, business development, marketing, and regulatory affairs, focusing on pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. He has also worked abroad in R&D for the development of pharmaceuticals.

Antonio holds a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from Complutense University in Madrid, and he has a Master’s degree in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Marketing.

Alberto Rodrí­guez


Alberto manages excellent relationsips with investors, limited partners, and companies in order to build and maintain a pipeline of high quality investment opportunities.

He has extensive experience in business development and management of multidisciplinary teams, having spent his professional career in different sectors of business, which has allowed him to have 360º vision for identifying business opportunities. He negotiates and closes business deals, with his strength in communication. He also has experience as an entrepreneur. His previous position was with the media group Atresmedia as head of fundraising for one of the divisions.

Alberto has a law degree. He holds a MAJ from the IE (Madrid). He also has specific training in marketing and sales.

Renee Rowcliffe


Renee adds her years of experience as an English teacher and librarian to the team. She is responsible for reading and editing documents in English. She also helps organize documents for easy access to the team.

Renee holds a Bachelor of Science in Education degree, a Master of Library Science degree, and a Master of Arts degree. She lives and works in Colorado, USA.

Carmen Sánchez


Carmen has a long experience in the tourism industry with a professional background in local and international companies both front and back office, especially financial management and human resources. She is in an integral part of Bifröst’s Business Management team.

She holds an Universitary Diploma in Tourism.


Carlos Martín 


Carlos has a long experience working for 1st level law firms in the banking sector. Throughout his career he has specialized in commercial law, particularly in corporate and contractual matters.

Carlos holds a BSc in Law from the University of Salamanca.


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