We are a startups factory. We cooperate with health projects, becoming their business office and management team, accompanying them in their development and growth from idea to market. Our relationship with our clients is based on trust, experience, and success.

We believe in a better future, in spite of the huge percentage of new initiatives that, yearly, fail to fulfill their objectives. The majority of these new initiatives are bright and creative ideas worthy of being brought to market. They fail because our brightest scientists are often not also our brightest business and marketing managers, nor should they be.

Bifröst Health was born, a little over two years ago, convinced that administrative duties should never distract a scientist from important creative research.a scientist needs not to find administration work subtracting from scientific research.

Our goal is to supply projects with the best of all business management and administration capabilities to assure the best business practices for every aspect of the scientific enterprise.

We will work to secure financing and investment agreements, support and manage IP protection, prepare certification processes, incorporate your business, and provide basic management and administration. We will become an integral part of the overall project.

One of the first challenges a startup faces is to raise funds in order to hire the services they need for their financing. We aim to break that vicious circle of inefficiency and despair, to help great innovations reach the market as soon as possible and with as little disruption to scientific research as possible.


Actualización de estado

Los liquidadores formularon un balance de la sociedad con referencia al día de su disolución. Bifrost Health no dispone de bienes inventariables, por lo que no se formuló ningún inventario. Desde hoy se pone a disposición de todos sus socios con independencia de su...

Convocatoria Junta General Ordinaria 30 Abril 2018

CONVOCATORIA DE LA JUNTA GENERAL ORDINARIA DE SOCIOS DE BIFROST HEALTH, S.L. PARA EL 30 DE ABRIL DE 2018 A petición de los socios D. David Pérez Rodríguez y Aitor Elfau González que poseen cada uno 1500 de las 3724 acciones, (un 40.04% del capital social) y en...

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